I employ age old techniques and mostly rely on hand tools throughout the process of making my guitars and ukulele's. This brings a level of individuality to each instrument which I feel cannot be achieved with modern production methods.

While my approach is deeply rooted in tradition I also have an eye for innovation and contemporary design. My aim is to unite old-worldly craftsmanship with modern features and aesthetics, and create instruments that are refined, responsive and unique.

In January 2020 I opened my workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and started making fine instruments full-time. In the shop I mostly rely on hand tools, which is how I was introduced to woodworking years ago. Back than it was simply a way to get started without making allot of noise and dust in my improvised 10m2 workshop. Since then working with hand tools has become a more conscious pursuit, as I truly enjoy the quietness and focus that comes with this way of working. 

Before becoming a guitar maker I worked as a musician and guitar-teacher for close to 20 years, and ran a business selling fine guitars to a worldwide clientele of collectors and discerning players. In that capacity I've had the chance to study many rare and valuable instruments and work closely together with several outstanding luthiers. These experiences have proven invaluable in the way I approach the construction of my instruments today, and enable me to understand the requirements of the customer from a players perspective.

Next to making guitars I'm available for repair work, and restore antique instruments, mostly from the romantic era. I'm also offering woodworking courses for those interested in learning the basics of working with traditional hand tools.