In a small workshop in Tilburg (The Netherlands), I make bespoke guitars and ukuleles by hand. The construction methods I use are stongly informed by the Spanish tradition of guitar making where the instrument is build without a mold and with very few jigs and fixtures. Throughout the proces I rely almost exclusively on traditional hand tools instead of machines. This gives me a better feel for the properties of each individual piece of wood, and allows for a more intuitive way of working.


All the parts of the instrument are made in the workshop, except for the tuners.

For finishing I use a matte oil varnish of my own recipe, or a high gloss cellulose finish. Being a vegan I do not use any animal-based products in the construction of my instruments. Synthetic alternatives are often more consistent in quality, and I have adjusted my methods where needed to make vegan and cruelty-free instruments without compromising the highest standards in craftsmanship and tone.


Before I became a full-time luthier I worked as a guitar-teacher both at my own studio and at a private music-school. I'm still teaching a small number of students at my workshop today, and am also still actively involved in music. My main interest is currently in jazz, and I've built up an extensive repertoire of chord-melody arrangements exploring the guitar as a solo instrument. I've also written numerous original compositions for guitar and released some of this material both on an EP (2007) and a full-lenght album (2013).