The Hermitage model

The Hermitage is an instrument of my own design and currently the only model I'm offering. It's the sum of decades of experience handling vintage and antique instruments and working as a musician and guitar maker. Similar in size to an Orchestra model it's comfortable to play and has a defined and well-balanced voice that's perfect for playing on stage in smaller venues, in the studio, or at home. Aimed to inspire even the most discerning player. 


Available with traditional X-bracing or a hybrid bracing system which combines the rigidity of an X-brace with the balanced sound of fan braces as found on the Spanish classical guitar.  The Hermitage model features a refined version of the Stauffer/Smallman adjustable neck with an elevated fretboard extension over the soundboard for easier playablitiy on the higher frets. 



My construction methods are routed in the Spanish tradition of classical guitar making, where the guitar is built on a workboard (solera) without the use of a mold. The soundboard is made first an is afixed to the solera, after which the sides are attached using tentollones.. 


Building without a mold gives me the freedom to make minute design changes with every individual guitar without having to make a new fixture every time. room for growth and experimentation



Tension free

Adjustable neck


After doing countless of neck resets on vintage instruments, mostly with a dovetail neck joint, I initially settled on using a bolt-on neck joint for my own instruments. However I experienced that the bolds significantlty weaken the area of the heel, and in the unfortunate event that the guitar tips over it's suceptable to crack. it. I've seen it happen, and it's not pretty. 

Through my interest in guitars from the romatic era I came to the idea of employing a Stauffer style adjustable neck to my instruments. Aside from providing an easy solution for setting the neck angle, it tackles a few other issues I wanted to address in my own designs. Tonally I think one of the greatest advantage of the adjustable neck is that it allows you to dail in the desired action while maintaining an ideal break-angle at the bridge saddle. This is something one can not achieve so accurately with a conventional neck joint.


The overall advantages are :

- You can easily adjust the action yourself.

- The ability the dail in the perfect action without sacrificing the ideal break-angle at the bridge-saddle.


- The neck supports the entire fretboard. This attributes to a consistent tone even on the highest frets.

- The floating fretboard extension above the soundbaord provides easy accesibility to the higher frets. 

- The floating fretboard extension allows the upper part of the soundboard to resonate more freely.

X-bracing or Hybrid fan bracing


When designing the Hermitage model I wanted to make a guitar that would sound familiar and inviting, yet  and where the chosen features would enhance those qualities, rather than change them al together. My experience with heirloom vintage guitars forms the backbone of my what a guitar should sound like, and the changes I make are all tailored towards enhancing the  qualities that are already inherent in those designs.