Whenever possible I use local and reclaimed woods to built my instruments. I also have a good stock of fine tone-woods purchased from established suppliers who offer certified timber.

Among the available woods are Carpathian Spruce, 100-old pine from the building in which the workshop is housed, old stock Brazilian and Cuban mahogany, 5000 year old bog oak, and many others.


Part of my work includes the restoration of antique and vintage instruments. For this kind of work I stricly use fish and hide glue to preserve the authenticity of the instrument.

For the instruments I make according to my own designs I use modern PVA glue which better suit my needs and meet my requirements to make eco-friendly instruments free from animal-based products. (Yes, I'm vegan.)

For more information about traditional and modern glues, please read this blogpost.


I prefer to use an oil-varnish which I mix myself using the finest grade Swedish linseed oil and natural resins. This varnish is free of additives and 100% eco-friendly.

It's a very thin finish which doesn't dampen the instruments vibration, and enhances the figuring of the wood beautifully while leaving a subtle gloss. 


For restoration work I use shellac (French polish) or nitrocellulose lacquer.